23 May - 27 June 2014, MARS!, Munich Germany

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Installation view

Stoneware Chawan bowls hand made by Kenju (the artist’s father) and Kentaro Yamada, resin cast, copper tubings (2014)

250 million year old salt rock crystal, concrete replica with added table salt, resin cast, copper tubings (2014)

Well travelled German rock, well travelled New Zealand rock, wood cast concrete, Copper tubings (2014)

Copper glazed stoneware volcano, ceramic rock cast with rock from Thames river glazed with powdered rock (with Stephanie Sommet), resin cast, copper tubings (2014)

Tacit Material - RM Auckland NZ 20 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

Unfired Chawan bowls made by Kenju and Kentaro Yamada

Unfired and untrimmed clay bowls made with coiling method

Relation with Tacit Material

Stoneware, used engine oil, stainless tray

π (240 t./12hr flight) - ongoing

Engraved anodised aluminium, 3.14m diameter

Engraved anodised aluminium, 3.14m diameter - Detail view

Android on Galaxy

Ceramic rocks cast from a German rock

Japanese Pottery Workshop by Kenju Yamada with local artists at RM Auckland Feb 2013

Works by workshop participants